I’m excited to announce that “Ghosts of Galveston” will be releasing on September 12th, and is already available for pre-order on!

GOG-CoverOne of the oldest cities in Texas, Galveston has witnessed more than its share of tragedies. Devastating hurricanes, yellow fever epidemics, fires, a major Civil War battle and more cast a dark shroud on the city’s legacy.

Ghostly tales creep throughout the history of famous tourist attractions and historical homes.

The altruistic spirit of a schoolteacher who heroically pulled victims from the floodwaters during the great hurricane of 1900 roams th030e Strand.

The ghosts of Civil War soldiers march up and down the stairs at night and pace in front of the antebellum Rogers Building.

The spirit of an unlucky man decapitated by an oncoming train haunts the railroad museum, moving objects and crying in the night.

Explore these and other haunted tales from the Oleander City.


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