Birdwatcher Alert: A Phoenix on Galveston

     What’s 15 feet tall with a 35-foot wingspan and gleams in the sunlight? A metal statue of a Phoenix created by Houston based artist Bob Bacon that now guards the gate of his brother’s Galveston ranch.

     Bacon’s creation first appeared in the 2017 Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade, after he created it as a post Hurricane Harvey symbol of hope and recovery.

     Since it’s big debut, the statue has been nesting in a warehouse, waiting for its next chance to take flight.

     The onset of the coronavirus pandemic inspired the family to install the phoenix on Galveston Island to once again provide a symbol of hope. The Bacon Ranch is an appropriate home for this particular piece of artwork, since most of the land on the ranch has been set aside as grounds for the migrating birds that pass over Galveston Island each year.

     The family welcomes visitors to pull along the side of the road to get a close look and photos, but asks that no one trespass beyond the fence.

     To visit, travel west from Galveston on FM 3005 past Jamaica Beach, and look on the north side of the road.

     No binoculars required!

One thought on “Birdwatcher Alert: A Phoenix on Galveston

  1. JEFF LAWTON says:

    Hi Kathleen: I had several business dealings with Bob a few years ago and have lost any up to date contact info.

    I was thrilled/saddened to see recent coverage about the Phoenix statue in Galveston. Ironically, back in the ‘80s, I used to live very close to that location.

    I would like to get in touch with Bob Bacon. Please send him my contact info.

    Jeff Lawton
    1447 Crestline Dr.
    Santa Barbara, CA 93105
    805-898-1216 (home)
    805-895-9475 (cell)

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